The Bear Challenge Plan – 12 Week Diet, Training & Cardio Plan


Looking to get stronger, grow muscle and lose that soft puffy fat layer on your body?!

Bear challenge plan is the  12 WEEK PLAN I used to get me ready for the MTV Challenge show which in which I won the entire thing.

It’s an intense 12 Week Diet, Cardio and training progressive program to make sure your body keeps being shocked and changes quickly over the 12 weeks.


  • Tailored Diet depending on your start point
  • Every meal macros are given to you.
  • There are example day diets for each start point so you can base your own meals on this!


  • Split into 3 different 28 day cycles.
  • The plan comes with each days workout over the 12 weeks with exact instructions.
  • Progressive overload approach combined with volume


  • The cardio ties in exactly with the training cycle you are on at that point in the 12 weeks.
  • Exact cardio instructions are given to you.
  • This plan will both challenge you and change you!




Unlike Other plans we have 4 Tailored diets depending on your current start point.

The Bear Challenge plan uses macros (Fats, Proteins & Carbs) you need to have for each meal and a recommended food list to choose from. This will help with people that need to be more flexible at work or do not like certain types of foods.

We also have example full days of diet so you can base your meals around these as well!


So, the fun bit. This training programme will include 3 cycles, each cycle is 28 days long and these are divided into 3 days on, 1 day off.

Each cycle will…

  1. have its own focus, however will still provide development in all areas, including improvements in physique, strength, power and general fitness!
  2. Feature linear progression to ensure gains continually come.
  3. It will also include deload/rest phases to ensure maximum progression into following cycles.

cycle 1s primary focus will be developing a super strong and solid foundation! Utilising major lifts and compound movements to get as strong as possible, whilst building muscle.

Cycle 2s focus will be developing speed and power! You’ll start seeing more explosive movements and high intensity workouts during this cycle. While still making gains in muscle mass and strength.

Cycle 3s focus will be bringing it all together…Speed, power, strength and mass gains. You’ll be seeing an increased variation between low reps and high reps, high intensity and low intensity.

There is cardio and mobility section of the plan that works in unison with the cycle you are following at that part of the 12 week plan. This is broken down into exactly what needs to be done on what days!



*Please note after payment your download link for the plan will be on the checkout success page – It also can be found under your account > downloads*


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