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Bear Muscle – Drink, Have Fun & Stayed Shredded!

Road To My WBFF Fitness Show…

last year I completed my 8 week prep for the WBFF fitness model show in November where I turned pro. The Bear Shredz plan outlines every step I took with my diet, cardio and training. Download the plan and follow the exact same prep I did and start enjoying looking in the mirror a little more!


Customer Reviews

Omar Sultani

I’ve been waiting to get hold of this plan ever since the guys mentioned they were doing it.. I’m SO GASSED to get stuck in and can’t wait to see the results

Nick Spratling

After following these guys on their journeys for years.. I couldn’t be happier they are finally doing an E-Book! I always ask them for little tips, but now I can follow their diet and training to a tee! Let the gains begin!!

Dan Powell

Always been a massive fan of Rogan since watching him on Ex On The Beach and always wondered how he can have such an amazing physique and still live his lifestyle… Time to find out!! #JoinTheJourney

Dean White

After losing track over the festive period, I decided to purchase the plan and get back in shape. The plan is really detailed, with loads of information about how to manage nutrition and training across the 12 weeks. Look forward to using the plan and looking my best yet!