Rogan O’Connor

I spent my teenage years at a Grammar school playing nearly every sport under the sun, taking a particular shine to Rugby at which I made it to Midlands level. I was always a keen academic as well as sportsman, however after leaving school and travelling the world for a year.. I started an office job.. This was when I quickly realised that a 9-5 life just wasn’t for me. So with the help of My big bro Mr World.. I turned my baby bod into something of a God. I started modelling and worked for the likes of Diesel & Diet Coke as well as performing for the biggest Strip Group in the world ‘The Dreamboys’. Life was good & I haven’t looked back since, starring in two seasons of MTV’s ‘Ex on the Beach’ and more recently, hit American MTV show ‘The Challenge’. In terms of competitions, In 2015 after a dare from my girlfriend, I entered & won Miami Pro as a fitness model. After 7 years of smashing life, I’ve finally decided I know enough to pass my knowledge on.. the time is now! #JoinTheJourney